Commercial Disability Insurance

Protecting your business is our business.

Ask yourself:

  • If you, a business partner or an employee become disabled, would you continue paying a salary during this time?
  • How much could you pay? For how long?
  • Will you have the necessary funds to cover rent, payroll, and other operating expenses?
  • If a disability causes a partner to the leave the business, would sufficient funds be available to purchase that owner’s interest in the business? Who would decide when an owner’€™s disability meets the terms of a buy-sell agreement?

Whether large or small, whether organized as a corporation, a partnership, a limited liability company or a sole proprietor,
you must be prepared for that day.

Having a strategy for retirement, disability and death is crucial for a smooth transition and future success for you,
your associates, your families, your employees and your business.

For most of us, suffering a sudden disability is unimaginable, especially if we have always enjoyed good health. Disability
insurance reimburses the buyers of the business with tax-free benefits, and it’s instrumental in determining when an
owner is totally disabled. Assess your preparedness to protect what you and your associates have worked hard to build.


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